Hillary Clinton – A Great Politician!

Great politicians are like great poker players. What separates great poker players from average players is how they bluff. The best poker players can bluff without flinching, its second nature to them. The average poker player cannot handle the heat that comes with bluffing especially when the stakes are high. To represent a strong hand when you know it is not true goes against most people’s moral compass and most players will show some hesitation and cannot keep up the charade. Hard core pros however can represent the dishonesty of their bluff with a confident smile or a smirk because they have had a lot of practice, they do it all the time.

If you keep telling the same story over and over again with confidence people will start to believe it. This is the principle behind bluffing. The trick is to say it over and over again with enough confidence. This is hard to do if your story is not true unless you have a lot of practice.

Hillary Clinton has had a lot of practice. When faced with allegations of wrong doing, she does not flinch. She tells her story with confidence over and over again; its second nature to her, she does it all the time. She says, “No classified emails”, “No idea a private email server was illegal”, “No extra security needed in Benghazi”, “No terror attack – it was a youtube video”, “No idea Whitewater Dev. Corp. dealings were illegal”, “No idea The Clinton Foundation financial dealings are illegal”. Nothing to see here America, just move along.

Hillary does not fold. She tells her stories confidently over and over again until we believe it. Most politicians faced with similar scandals as Hillary Clinton would have “folded” a long time ago. They would have dropped out. Hillary is not most politicians though. She is a great one, a hard core pro, she has had a lot of practice, she does it all the time. She learned from the best however, how can we forget that Slick Willie had no “sexual relations with that woman” and told no lies to grand jury … ” it depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.”

Hillary is a pro. Triple barrel bluffs do not phase her. The pressure and heat that comes with scandal does not phase her, she has had a lot of practice. Representing a dishonest story when she is holding rags does not affect her moral compass. She shows no hesitation when bluffing and is comfortable keeping up the charade. What baffles me about Hillary’s bluffs is that just like TV Poker, we can all see her cards. We can see that she is lying. Don’t buy it. Make the hero call.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a great politician, she is a hard core pro, she bluffs with a confident smile and a smirk … its second nature to her … she does it all the time.